If you are a person who has a hard time getting motivated to workout, you find it boring, you have reached a plateau or you feel you are spinning your wheels “on the bike” but getting no results – You are a prime candidate for a personal trainer. We have trainers that will fit your personality, have the qualifications and the flexibility to meet your schedule so you can get started on “the new you today!”


Cost Effective

Be Part of a Group

You will Gain Motivation, and Fun

A Greater Sense of Accountability

Physical and Mental Health

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What Our Clients Say

  • Michelle S.


    Working out at the Dungeon has transformed my mentality on health and fitness. I think about how all my actions outside the gym will affect my health and fitness. With the skills I've leared about physical fitness and nutrition, I feel equipped to make healthy decisions in my daily life. This knowledge has me feeling more empowered and in control of my own health and strength.
    I have used the Seven Day Cleanse and really liked it. I felt more energy, my body felt cleaner and helped me get back on my nutritional track after a month of traveling and being sick. I would do it again.

  • Joel F., M.D.


    Outstanding understanding of how to vary the use of muscle groups. Meticulous coaching on proper technique, uncanny ability to know what a person is capable of and able to do. My 9 years here have created a great confidence in my health and I am more meticulous, thanks to Sonda, to properly hydrate and feed myself to perform at a higher level.

  • Marilyn F.


    I've been training with Darryl for over 6 years. When I met Darryl I had 2 torn rotator cuffs... I couldn't even lift my arms up to wash my own hair. After spending 2 years rehabbing my shoulders and convincing me I was capable of actually lifting weights, Darryl helped me lose 30 lbs. and 15% body fat. He changed up the sessions to keep the workouts challenging and interesting, pushing me beyond my comfort zone. My friends and family are astonished at my transformation. I have to admit, it took me by surprise, too. I've never felt better or stronger in my life. Having been in maintenance mode for almost 3 years now, I still look forward to every session. Darryl is a master at educating and motivating. If you are willing to do the work, Darryl will get you the results. The numbers don't lie.

  • Natasha A.


    I love the Dungeon. Not only does everyone support each other, but changes are visible. You leave every day stronger and motivated to come back and do it all over again because not only do you feel good but you LOOK great.

  • Furaha T.


    I was introduced to the Dungeon of Discipline Gym by a friend more than a year ago. The first 3 months were extremely challenging for me, given the fact that I wasn't the kind of person who exercised. This Gym introduced a whole new way of life to me. Now I can say that I can't live without exercising! Darryl got me into shape, and any chance I get, I recommend the Dungeon to my friends.

  • Luke James



    I've tried every type of training regiment (i.e. DVD,community gym training,etc.) this by far was the best. the results I've gained from training with the dungeon of discipline team have been absolutely marvelous. physically and mentally, the best shape I have ever been in.