Coach Kylie

“Fitness and nutrition are not tasks but a lifestyle. I am a teacher of movement and strength but I stay young by remembering that I am also a student.” – Coach Kylie

Warm and approachable sports professional, specializing in SFG Kettlebell and CrossFit/Functional training, while taking a holistic approach to personal training for both children and adults.

Delivering both strength and endurance coaching while utilizing balance to aid in injury prevention and maximizing individual potential. I build off my background of endurance triathlons, figure skating, and competitive dance. A love for all things adrenalin, I show that training can be exciting yet safe.

Having competed in all distances from Sprint to Ironman Triathlons, I discovered CrossFit as mode of rehabilitation and recovery program to quickly return to ‘race ready’ fitness. CrossFit soon became my passion, then my passion became my profession.

After reaping the rewards of a balanced and holistic approach to my own training, I created Coached by Kylie, where I transfer this methodology into my coaching, helping others live a more balanced and healthier life, while educating and pushing individuals to their limits. Coached by Kylie’s holistic approach encompasses diet, lifestyle, mental well-being, and maintaining a goal-focus complementing the physical aspects of training.

While I continue to train for further StrongFirst certification and CrossFit, professionally I help others live a healthier life. Functional training, healthy eating, and a balanced life are equally important for youth as well as adults. My motto is: “Fitness and nutrition are not tasks but a lifestyle for all ages!”

Since moving to California from Sydney, Australia in early 2013, I have continued to develop an inclusive program for children with and without special needs; educating and demonstrating that inclusive-training, balanced life, and healthy eating habits leads to a happier being of both able and less capable individuals. Sometimes the best medicine doesn’t come in a jar!

Fitness Certifications Include:
•Level 1 SFG Kettlebell

Level 1 CrossFit Instructor
• CrossFit Kids
• Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
• Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer

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